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Ningbo INISIDER Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. established in 2001, located in the famous "Home of Small Household Electric Appliances" -- CiXi city, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China.Our Company is an enterprise which is combining development, design, produce, sales and service of air fryer,air purifier Water Purifier, Commercial RO System, Home RO System, Water Pitcher, Desktop Water Purifier, Water Tank, UF Water Purifier, Pre-prefier, RO Membrance Housing, PP String Filter Cartridge, Spun PP Filter Cartridge, Carbon Block Cartridge, Ceramic Filter Cartridge, Granular Carbon Fliter Cartidge (GAC), UF Membrane Filter Cartridge and Industrial Water-treatment Equipment.
We undertake OEM orders with many Influence groups which are Shenzhen ANGLE,Qingdao AUCMA,Hangzhou SMARTEN and Hefei ROYALSTAR .We accumulated a lot of experience of management of workshop line,standard technological processes and quality inspecting.There are complete equipment on platics articles, mold, test and finished products.our water are all in compliance with drinking water criterion of our country,you could drink this water directly.
According to ISO2000:1992, we control our PP, ABS, PC, AES, AMMA, ARP, AS, CA, CAB , CAP, CE, CF, EPS, ETFE, EVA, FF, PB, PET, RF plastic material, and UDF, CTO, T33, GAC, KDF, UF, Energy ball, Resin, Negative ion ball, Aluminite, Infrared Mineralized ball, Sliphos active carbon, and have good relationship with Taiwan E-CHEN Pump, Taiwan JEAK Pump, Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Pump, Taiwan Duan Yuan Pump, Taiwan Diaphragm Pump, Taiwan Headon Pump, Taiwan Jetsun Pump, and also have long co-operation with Hydecanme, Filmtec, CSM, VONTRON, TORAY Membrance. To improve our technology, we install a laboratory with Japan Mitsubishi Company and Japan UNITIKA LTD. to solve new solution of UF membrance.
We depend on high quality,sincere service, create and develop new item.we make various series of RO systems ,to meet customer demand.Our products covered more than 20 provinces , municipalities and administrative division in domastic,Our fine after-sales service wins recognition of the consumers and build up the market groundwork in the line,and we established trade relationship with Canada, Australia, Italy,Korea and middle East.

ADD:No.1819 Xiaolin Road, Xiaolin Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, 315321 China.
TEL:+86 574 63971081
FAX:+86 574 23661788
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If necessary, please contact us in the following ways: TEL: 86-0574-63971081
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Foreign trade through the technical team, in the years of based on the painstakingly created a new
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We are B2B e-commerce site; At present, efforts to foreign trade through the market area of the world around the country and region, so
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